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The Effect Of Plastic Sealing Will Be Better
Jul 05, 2018

1. The preheating time of the machine varies with the ambient temperature. Under normal circumstances, when the summer temperature is high, the warm-up time is shorter, and the set temperature can be lower. In winter, the warm-up time is longer and the set temperature should be higher.

Second, set and adjust the temperature: when the indoor temperature is 25 degrees, (we recommend the temperature of the thermometer: when the thickness of the plastic film is 5 wire, the temperature is about 110 °C, the thickness is 7 wire, the temperature is 140 °C or so, the thickness is 10 °, the adjustment temperature is about 170 ° C, in addition, you should also refer to the plastic machine you purchased to adjust the appropriate temperature. Before plastic molding, it is best to over-plastic a white paper to avoid dust Or sundries, so the effect of plastic sealing will be better

Third, the plastic sealing method: the photo certificate to be molded is sandwiched between two sheets of the card film, fed from the front, the documents themselves come out from the exit plate, and removed, the plastic seal is completed.

When the plastic film is plastically sealed, the setting temperature is too low, and the photo will be blurred, which will result in incomplete sealing. It is necessary to re-seal the new temperature from the new setting temperature. If the temperature is too high, the film will be wrinkled due to overheating. Even the film is rolled into the machine. At this point, use the “Temperature” knob to reset the temperature. Shutdown precautions: In order to extend the service life of the laminator, first turn off the heating power supply, and then turn off the power switch after the machine has dropped below 80 °C (about 5 minutes).

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