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Protective Materials During Transportation, Storage And Processing
Jul 05, 2018

It is not uncommon for everyone to protect the film. It is a film-like material with protective function. The main function of the protective film is to protect the material from corrosion by harmful gases and microorganisms during transportation, storage and processing; to prevent dust pollution, Mechanical scratching; in the process of bending and extrusion, improve the lubricity of materials and molds, improve the processing work; thereby ensuring or improving the grade of products, reducing the consumption of raw materials, and increasing the efficiency for enterprises.

Protective films are widely used in the industrial field, and industrial products are demanding, which also puts more demands on the quality characteristics of the protective film. In the sixties and seventies, protective films were developed in some developed countries in Europe and the United States. After continuous development, they have been widely used in industries such as machinery, instrumentation, electronics, shipbuilding, building materials and automobile manufacturing. China has risen in the mid-eighties of the 1980s. After continuous development and research, it has made great progress.

The development of protective film is progressing and the domestic start is relatively late. At the same time, the production of photosensitive materials and insulating materials is gradually developed into packaging substrates, including 60% of the film market and special films for electrical appliances. % of photographic materials accounted for 10% and 5% of graphics and decorative films.

The protective film company Tao Tao.com believes that it is imperative to develop the market and protective film mainly used for retort pouches and frozen vacuum packaging of fresh meat. At the same time, it is relatively large for the fragrance and packaging materials and food composite packaging market, as well as the main packaging and Printing and other three industries, but also improve the yield, but also particularly poor hygroscopicity and water resistance, and the application of the composite process technology has this close cooperation.

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