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Insured To Extend The Shelf Life Of Food
Jul 05, 2018

Snack food is for consumers to enjoy when they are relaxing and entertaining. It can give consumers a pleasant and enjoyable experience and be able to delight consumers. The packaging of snack foods refers to the function of beautifying and protecting the appearance of such foods that are pleasant to consumers.

There are two main functions of snack food packaging. One is to protect the integrity and hygiene of the food, and the other is to clearly express the news of the food, such as what is the raw material, where the manufacturer is, how long the shelf life is, and so on. Nowadays, enterprises have more functions and enrichment of packaging. Packaging is not only a thin layer of plastic or paper, but also a messenger for enterprises to promote sales, shape brands and transmit culture. In the cooperation of similar products, a very important piece lies in the cooperation of packaging. DuPont's Law says: "63% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on the packaging of the goods." Therefore, we often see consumers buying some kind of snack foods. The main reason is that “packaging is exquisite”, and even the phenomenon of “buying A good package must be an important weight to lead the success of the product and the development of the company.

 Modern packaging is not for transportation, not for distinguishing, nor for products under the pure visual system. It is related to the brand development strategy of a company, the planning direction of the corporate brand, and the trust of consumers in the enterprise. Analytical consideration system. For enterprises, not blindly developing a product, not simply making a package for a package, no longer think that packaging is just wonderful and practical, is the prerequisite for the first consensus. For us, thinking about packaging innovation without using visual language is a problem that most companies that are serving companies need to reverse.

  Whether it is Tetra Pak, Tetra Pak, Tetra Pak, Tetra Pak mini corrugated packaging, PE plastic bottle, plexiglass bottle, or bottle shape, round box, hand bag, mini cup, small package, etc. The pace of innovation in snack food packaging is to explore consumer habits. A package that is never considered by consumers will not be a favorite package for consumers.

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