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Greatly Save Materials And Reduce Costs
Jul 05, 2018

This is one of the new uses of the wrap film, which is better than the wrap film package for the old-fashioned paper tube package. Suitable film thickness is 30-120 μm;

Packaging of small items

This is a new form of wrapping film, which can reduce material consumption and reduce the storage space of the tray. In foreign countries, this packaging was first introduced in 1984. Just one year later, many such packaging appeared on the market. This form of packaging has great potential. Suitable for film thickness 15 ~ 30μm;

Tube and cable packaging

This is an example of the application of the wrap film in a special field. After the packaging equipment is installed on the production line, the fully self-stretching film can be used instead of the strap to bind the material and protect it. A suitable thickness is 15 to 30 μm.

Stretched form of tray mechanism packaging

The stretch film packaging must be stretched, and the stretched form of the tray mechanical package has direct stretching and pre-stretching. Pre-stretching is divided into two types, one is roll pre-stretching and the other is electric stretching.

Direct stretching is done by stretching between the tray and the film. In this method, the stretching ratio is low (about 15% to 20%), and if the stretching ratio exceeds 55% to 60%, the original yield point of the film is exceeded, the film width is reduced, and the puncture performance is also lost, and the film is very Easy to break. And at 60% elongation, the pulling force is still very large, and for light goods, it is likely to deform the goods.

Pre-stretching is done by two rolls. The two rollers pre-stretched by the roller are connected by the gear unit, and the stretching ratio can be different depending on the gear ratio. The pulling force is generated by the turntable. Since the stretching is generated within a short distance, the friction between the roller and the film is generated. It is large, so the film width is not reduced, and the original puncture performance of the film is maintained. No stretching occurs during actual winding, which reduces breakage due to sharp edges or corners, and this pre-stretching can increase the draw ratio to 110%.

The stretching mechanism of the electric pre-stretching is the same as that of the roll pre-stretching, except that the two rolls are electrically driven, and the stretching is completely independent of the rotation of the tray. Therefore, the adaptability is stronger, light, heavy, and irregular goods are applicable. Because of the low tension during packaging, the pre-stretching ratio of this method is as high as 300%, which greatly saves materials and reduces costs. Suitable for film thickness 15 ~ 24μm.

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