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Good Sealing And Shrinkage, Good Printability
Jul 05, 2018

It has good sealing and shrinkage, good printability and can withstand heavy contents.

First, the cost of PE shrink film, the cost of controlling PE shrink film production can be started from raw materials, machinery, labor, etc. Only the breakthrough in price can develop better.

Second, the quality of PE shrink film, the price is not the same as the quality, then how to control the price while ensuring quality. The author believes that this must be based on the management of the enterprise, only to reduce the cost of the enterprise, so that each enterprise personnel can play the most important role, which is conducive to the control of enterprise and product quality.

Third, the product development and market development of PE shrink film, China's PE shrink film has been developed after so many years of continuous research, but there are many deficiencies, such as shrinkage, transparency, environmental protection, etc. strengthen. The development of the market is carried out with the research and development of products. Only by developing better and more perfect products can the market be maximized.

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