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Energy Saving, High Shrinkage, Transparent Gloss
Jul 05, 2018

The POF shrink film is designed by the principle of high molecular chain stretch orientation, and is formed by quenching and setting. The physical principle is: when the polymer is in a high elastic state, it is stretched and oriented, and then the polymer is quenched to below the glass transition temperature, the molecular orientation is frozen, and when the article is heated during packaging Due to the relaxation of the stress caused by the thermal motion of the molecules, the original state is restored and contraction occurs.

POF shrink film is a kind of packaging film with transparent gloss and close to the appearance of the product. Its energy saving, high shrinkage, transparent gloss and strong tear resistance have overturned the limitations of traditional packaging film and won the market. Welcome, loved by consumers. POF film is suitable for a variety of packaging fields, including packaging in the food field, daily necessities, cosmetics and other fields.

POF shrink film is a highly automated equipment widely used in daily necessities, food and beverage, and household chemicals. The application of shrink film packaging machine can greatly reduce the material and labor cost of the middle box packaging, which has important economic significance. . The packaging machine is a new type of shrink packaging equipment in China, which enables enterprise products to enter the market better and faster, bringing high efficiency and high returns to individuals or enterprises.

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