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Better Wrapped Film Than Old-fashioned Paper Tube Packaging
Jul 05, 2018

The machine wrap film is a film for packaging, which can be combined with a large wrap-around packaging machine to carry out an overall rapid packaging of various goods or trays.

The application of the machine wrap film is very wide. So, what is its use form? Xiaobian to introduce you in detail, I hope to bring you some help!

1. Sealed package: The tray is completely wrapped with the machine wrapping film, and then the two hot scrapers heat seal the films at both ends.

2. Full width packaging: The thickness of the film is generally 17 to 35 μm, and the film width is required to cover the tray sufficiently, and the shape of the tray is regular.

3. Manual packaging: mounted on a rack or by hand, rotated by the tray or film wrapped around the tray, mainly used for repackaging after the packaged tray is damaged, and ordinary tray packaging.

4. Horizontal mechanical packaging: from the film around the goods, suitable for long cargo packaging, such as carpets, plates, fiberboard, profiles and so on.

5. Packaging of the paper tube: It is better to wrap the wrapping film than the old paper tube packaging, and the film thickness is generally 30-120 μm.

6. Packing of small items: It can reduce the material consumption and reduce the storage space of the tray. The film thickness is generally 15~30μm.

7. Packing of tubes and cables: It can replace the material with the belt and protect it. The film thickness is generally 15~30μm.

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