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Moisture proof, dustproof, fade resistant, long-term use
Jul 05, 2018

Plastic film, also known as hot film, card film, shell film, plastic film, is a good helper for photos and documents in life.

The plastic film needs to be matched with the plastic sealing machine for heating. Different thicknesses need to refer to different plastic sealing temperatures, which are related to the pressure and speed of the laminator and the thickness of the laminating film.

The advantages of plastic film are: moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-fading, protection of documents and photos, long-term use.

Plastic film is also called protective film, through the film. The material used to mold the paper, usually containing plastic components.

Before use, cut the size of the appropriate plastic packaging paper according to the size of the paper to be sealed. Generally, there are plastic sealing papers of various standard specifications, such as A4 and A6. In general, the area of the plastic paper needs to be larger than the paper to be molded.

The paper to be molded is flatly sandwiched between the two layers of the plastic sealing paper, and heated by a laminator. After heating, the paper to be sealed is sealed by the plastic sealing paper (since the opposite surface of the two layers of the plastic sealing paper is gelatinized, it will adhere after heating), so that it can be waterproof to a certain extent and prolong its service life.

When molding the data sheet, the plastic film should be separated first, and the data sheet should be sandwiched in the middle, so that the rubberized surface of the plastic film faces the data sheet, and then the plastic film is closed, and then sent to the laminator for heating from front to back. After the rubber roller is pressed, it comes out from the rear discharge port to achieve the purpose of plastic sealing.

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