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Has good self-adhesiveness
Jul 05, 2018

Stretch film, also known as stretch film, heat shrink film. The earliest use of PVC as the substrate in China, DOA is a plasticizer and self-adhesive effect, but it has environmental protection problems, high cost (relative to PE ratio, small unit packaging area), and poor stretchability. Currently, LLDPE is the mainstay, including C4, C6, C8 and metallocene PE (MPE).

PE stretch film is mainly blown film, which develops from single layer to second layer and third layer. The LLDPE stretch film is mainly produced by the casting method. This is because the casting line has the advantages of uniform thickness and high transparency, and can be applied to high-rate pre-stretching. The high-quality stretch film has the characteristics of high transparency, high longitudinal elongation, high yield point, high transverse tear strength and good puncture performance. At the same time, the density of the stretched film material also affects the performance of the film. With the increase of density, the degree of orientation is high, the flatness is good, the longitudinal elongation is high, and the yield strength is high, but the transverse tear strength, puncture strength and light transmittance. Both are degraded, so the performance of various aspects is combined. Adding moderate amount of medium density linear polyethylene (LMDPE) to the non-adhesive layer, adding LMDPE can also reduce the friction coefficient of the non-adhesive layer and avoid the adhesion of the packaged tray to the tray.

PE stretch film (also known as wrap film) has high tensile strength, tear strength, and good self-adhesiveness, so that the object can be wrapped into a whole to prevent it from collapsing and falling during transportation. The film has excellent transparency, the object is beautiful and can make the object waterproof, dustproof and damage-proof.

Specific characteristics of stretch film (winding film):

1. Unitization: This is one of the biggest characteristics of wrapping film packaging. With the superior winding force and retracting property of the film, the product is compactly and fixedly bundled into one unit, so that the scattered small pieces become a whole, and the product is free from any looseness and separation even in an unfavorable environment, and has no sharpness. Edge and stickiness to avoid damage.

2, primary protection: primary protection provides surface protection of the product, forming a very light, protective appearance around the product, thus achieving the purpose of dust, oil, moisture, water, and theft. It is especially important that the wrapping film package makes the packaged articles evenly stressed, and avoids damage caused by uneven force. This is not the case with traditional packaging methods (bundling, packaging, tape, etc.).

3. Compression and fixation: The product is wrapped and wrapped by the retractive force of the stretched film to form a compact unit that does not occupy space, so that the trays of the product are tightly wrapped together, which can effectively prevent the transportation process. The misalignment and movement of the products in the middle, while the adjustable tensile force can make the hard products close to each other, making the soft products tight, especially in the tobacco industry and the textile industry.

4, cost-saving: the use of wrapping film for product packaging, can effectively reduce the cost of use, the use of the wrapping film is only about 15% of the original box packaging, about 35% of the heat shrinkable film, about 50% of the carton packaging. At the same time, it can reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve packaging efficiency and packaging grade.

Application areas of stretch film (winding film):

Stretch film (also known as wrap film) is mainly used in conjunction with pallets to complete the packaging of loose goods instead of small containers. Because it can reduce the cost of bulk cargo transportation and packaging by more than 30%, it is widely used in cargo pallet packaging, such as electronics, building materials, chemicals, metal products, auto parts, wire and cable, daily necessities, food, paper and other industries. The whole set is packed. In the field of warehouse storage, foreign countries also use stretch-wrapped film tray packaging for three-dimensional storage and transportation to save space and land.

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