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Compressive strength and tightness
Jul 05, 2018

The machine wrapping film is generally made of high-quality materials. We must pay attention to the correct and professional cutting method to ensure the integrity of the machine wrapping film. So what do we do when we cut? Please see below:

1. Saw cutting is divided into manual sawing and sawing cutting. The main tools for hand sawing are hand-held hacksaws. Manual hacksaws are available in both movable and fixed styles, all consisting of sawing bows and saw blades;

2. The sawing machine is equipped with a high-speed steel saw blade on the sawing machine, which can cut various metal films and plastic films below DN200mm. The portable electric sawing machine is often used in the construction site, and the maximum cutting membrane diameter is 550mm.

3. The test pressure of the machine wrapping film includes the pressure test of the film product and the pressure test of the film system. The pressure test of the film product is to check the compressive strength and tightness of the film product itself, usually in multiples of the nominal pressure of the corresponding film product. Or the specified value corresponding to the membrane level and the membrane diameter as the test face pressure value;

4. Finally, it is necessary to check the pressure strength and tightness of various interfaces after forming a system using various connection methods. The test pressure value is generally taken as the multiple of the system design pressure, ie the system working pressure. .

When the machine is used for cutting, it will remove the harmful substances in the water and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, various food-grade or sanitary-grade machine-wound films with special membrane element structure are also used in China.

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